Release notes

Release 23



- Added reply-to address option on all email templates

- Added a function which zooms in a document in the inbox when hovering over it

- It is now possible to archive a LIFUS that has not been completed

- Added full names in various tables in addition to crew short names

- Possible to select which users that should see which LIFUS

- Added a new searchable multi-select in various places

- Added function where users with certain access groups can view only (Records in this release)


- Cancelled course data is now shown on course reports

- Start date of courses are now editable

- Added comments to be visible on the LIFUS sector list

- Added full names in addition to shortname in attendance selects

- Added the possibility to save external documents from the inbox to crew documents

- Added search functionality as well as full name in the LIFUS select when starting a new LIFUS

Small adjustments

- Email logs are back under Settings

- Added company specific email address for external certificates

- Gave LIFUS Management a new label for easier identification. LIFUS MGMT

- We now indicate in the LIFUS sector list if a sector has a filled form or not


- Implemented roster interface between Crewdox and RAIDO

- Changed update interval between Crewdox and RAIDO


- Fixed a bug where instructor signature on attendance lists did not autosave