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Inbox zero

Declutter your mind by having a clean inbox. Everything that needs your attention will show up in the inbox at the right time. From there you can take care of things or even snooze it for later attention.

Easier workflow

  • All documents saved in one place
  • All suppliers gathered
  • Keep track of events
  • Statistics
  • Complete access to your files at all times


CrewDox comes packed full of features for all our customers. Here are some of the features we think you'll love.


Keep your mind decluttered and let CrewDox notify you whenever anything needs your attention. From here you can plan, update and even snooze for later reference.


Keep a close eye on any current training events, courses or LIFUS activities in the current section. Easy access with progress indicators for quick and easy overview.


Plan your events easily and add your crew members. Custom checklists for each event ensures that nothing is forgotten during the planning phase.


All crew information and documentation in one place. Whenever you need anything, it will be easily accessible from anywhere.


With our state of the art form builder, you can literally convert all your old paper forms into electronic versions to be used with CrewDox iPad app.


Records and certifications are safely stored where it belongs. All historical data is saved as long as desired and can be easily reached if needed.


Kepping track of supplier contracts, contacts, audit reminders and documents gets easy with the supplier module which makes sure that you will get notified whenever needed.


Record student attendance electronically instead on using paper copies. When completed and instructor has signed, all related crew records will get updated by the press of a button.


No more waiting for LIFUS protocols or emails explaining student progress. With the LIFUS module the relevant managers gets notified as soon as a new sector is saved.


Our form builder lets you convert almost any form imaginable to be filled electronically on the iPad. Statistics from collected data helps you identify trends.


In todays aviation world, it is important to gather and analyse data that can improve safety. By filling out your forms electronically, we can provide you with the graphs for visualisation.


CrewDox can be configured in almost any way to suit your organisation.


Let CrewDox handle all reminders to your crew. No matter if it is time for a medical renewal or to perform a certain e-learning course. Building your own email templates with the relevant content can save you a lot of time instead of manually sending those reminders.


Many companies use e-learning as part of their initial and recurrent training programs. CrewDox makes handling of this very smooth as we have integrations with several e-learning providers. We can also set up an integration with your own LMS if desired.

Work from anywhere

Wether you like to work from the office, or a hammock - all you need is an internet connection and you are good to go!

Highly customizable

CrewDox is very flexible and can be set up in a way to suit almost any type of training department.

Free updates & support

We offers free updates with new features requested by our users. And our support center is ready to help your team out.


Keeping track of records is one thing but according to current aviation regulations the requirements doesn't stop there. Airlines also has to record and be able show all stages of a crew member's training progress during his/her time within the company. Using our course module not only makes this easy, it also helps to make sure that everything gets done according to your manuals.

Electronic forms

Our state of the art form creator lets you build and customise almost any form you might have in your manuals to be filled out on the tablet of choice. Gather statistics from line checks or simulator training events. Using this feature lets you track SPI's easily to improve future training events.

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