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Crewdox comes loaded with great functions and features ready to help you go fully digital and help improve your daily training management workload.

Scroll down to learn more, or contact us now to find out how we can help you keep track of deadlines for recurrent training, store important crew-data and how you can start creating and using electronic forms.

Create an electronic record, set the expiry date and link them to your crew. This is the core function of Crewdox.

All your crew records are available when you need them. The individual crew member has access to their own records via the web or through the iPad app. Group the records any way you like to keep the administration easy going.

Electronic training records

Convert your old paper forms into fully electronic versions and start using them on our iPad app. There are multiple and fully dynamic grading options available - suited to fit your company needs.
All relevant data is collected and can be analysed and exported.

Electronic Forms via Form builder

Let Crewdox handle all reminders to your crew.
No matter if it is time for a medical renewal or to perform a certain e-learning course. Building your own email templates with the relevant content can save you a lot of time instead of manually sending those reminders.

Atomated reminders and notifications

Design and build your own LIFUS programs to be used with our iPad app. LIFUS programs are fully customisable and can be used for different types of training programs or line checks. Recording of data can also be done while offline.

LIFUS & Line Training

No more signing papers that are circling around the room during your important meetings. Digital signing and Attendance lists can be used for many other things than just keeping track of who's present or not. Effective and quick.  Attendance lists can be used as a tool to update your internal records - such as introduction training, or information meetings.

Classroom attendance

Create your own electronic forms and improve your company training standards. Once created they are ready to be used in the air, on the ground or in the simulator by your crew. Your crew can also access the forms whilst offline and submit data once online again. 

Building a form does not require a lot of training and of course, our dedicated team can help you design the forms you need if wanted.

Your forms can be filled online or offline when no internet connection is available.

Electronic grading and forms

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