About us

Crewdox is the story of a training manager that witnessed outdated management systems and routines being used – causing frustration and endless hours being wasted on daily administration tasks.

The journey to solve that problem became the start of Crewdox.
Now our easy-to-use training management software is ready to welcome you and your organisation on board to start using electronic forms and electronic gradings.

Meet the team

Niklas Steinbach

CEO and Co-founder of Crewdox. Our direct link to the aviation industry. As an airline captain and former training manager, he's got the experience from the flight deck.

Henrik Skotth

Co-founder, Technical advisor

Lucian Suciú

Senior backend developer

Mattias Cronert

Customer Success Manager

Caty Aguilera

Art director / Graphical designer

Crewdox AB

Crewdox is a training management system specifically built for the aviation industry - founded in 2014 in Västerås, Sweden.

Our vision is to help airlines digitalise and automate their daily management tasks as much as possible. And we take great pride in knowing our management system will help reduce the overall cost for our customers.

Since the start in 2014 - Crewdox has developed into a tight, hard-working organisation with high expectations of our selves, and our product. The result?
A modern company with a perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry. 

Our team of developers and designers are always trying to improve the system and its functions, and always from a human-centered perspective. We listen to our customers and their requests - and try to implement the best solution available.

That's why we say that Crewdox is competent, compliant & connected.