About us


Competent, compliant,

These three words above mean a lot to us.  
They are our constant reminder, and help us make important decisions based on our values:

Stating that we as a company always stay competent, reliable and professional in our work. 

That our system and services will help our customers stay compliant – and that we will always stay connected in order to meet our clients needs.

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Words from our Captain.

Niklas Steinbach, CEO

When I started Crewdox a few years back, my vision was to build a product that not only could help airlines become better organised in their training management but also to become more digital. In todays aviation market, the margins are low and competition high. This places high pressure on the administration to get more things done in less time.
By creating a software that can be integrated with other systems as well as automated to a great extent, we have reduced the amount of time required to manually administrate a training department, allowing human resources where it can be utilised more efficiently.

Crewdox has since then developed into a tight, hard-working organisation with high expectations of ourselves and our product. The result: a modern company with a perfect blend of Swedish creativity and technical wizardry.

Our system is ready

but we are far from done..

Today we are welcoming new companies and organisations onboard and together we will work towards establishing a new training management standard.

We listen closely to our customers and their requests and together with our team of developers and designers we constantly keep improving our product, adding new features and implement solutions on a regular basis.

Ready - but not done 

The Crewdox team

Niklas Steinbach


Henrik Skotth

Technical advisor


Lucian Suciú
Senior developer


Caty Aguilera

Ivan Tolan