Crewdox is aviation training management
– made easy

Competent, Compiant, Connected

Our system help airlines become more efficient and fully electronic with our solution for aviation training management.

Crewdox is an easy-to-use and flexible system made for the aviation industry. Contact us today to learn how it can improve your training management administration!

Competent, Compiant, Connected

About Crewdox

With Crewdox training management system your organisation will be provided with the necessary tools to become fully digital in no time.

Pilots, instructors or cabin crew will easily be organised based on their roles – and your administrators will get the overview they need to find what they're looking for.

To save your time, we've listed our top 3 reasons below – why your airline should choose Crewdox as your competent wingman:

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Our latest release is up and running.
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paperless, painless

When airlines and flight schools strive to move to a more paperless environment, they’re often faced with a new challenge. Some systems are difficult to use, require costly training, and are expensive to implement and maintain. 

Our system allows organisations to achieve paperless standards quickly, easily and economically using electronic forms built in our Form builder. 

Once a form has been created your crew can start using it on their iPads - in the air, on the ground or in the simulator. Electronic forms are fully dynamic and have multiple grading options available – suited to fit your specific company needs.


reduced administration 

With the Crewdox system, your crew will easily find what they need regarding their own training records, and they can see their upcoming training events or performed line checks. 

For your administrators our Electronic Training Records module will help keep all training files in a properly organised structure – making it easy to keep all your crew's documents up to date.

From the Crewdox inbox all incoming forms and training documents can be reviewed, accepted or sent back to the instructor with instant feedback.
Less administration needed and no more need for papers.


insights & reports

Regulatory requirements are constantly rising and for a good cause – safety. However, this also results in a heavier workload for training managers and we want to be your wingman here. 

This is why we as an integrated part of our software provide you with ready-made reports that can be used to analyse various types of data such as data from graded checks etc.

Using the right software in your training department will not only make the administration easier, but it will also free up your time where it can be better used.

It is all about relationships and here are some of the great companies we're proud to call our customers: 

Nordica is the state-owned Estonian flag carrier airline based in Tallin.

Amapola Flyg is a Swedish cargo and passenger airline based in Stockholm.

Sjöfartsverket operates helicopters for their Swedish SAR operations.

Reach out and go paperless!

If you would like to know more about how Crewdox can help your organisation become more effective and reach compliance – let us know and we will contact you shortly to schedule a free online demo for you.

Six other good reasons to choose Crewdox as your training management-wingman


Configure Crewdox in almost unlimited ways by adding and removing roles to your users. Access can also be configured on individual or group level.

Form builder

The unique Form Builder will make it easy for you to become fully digital. Create your own electronic form - or convert existing paper forms in no time.


Automate your e-learning enrolment and reminders to save time and manual work.
Use third-party course providers or setup your own using our LMS.


We currently have integrations with great third-party providers and crew planning systems. Contact us for more details on how we can integrate your systems.


Plan and organise training events without any important tasks being missed out thanks to our event checklists.
All you need - at one place.


Use the attendance feature on the iPad and easily collect attendees signatures as proof of attendance. The digital signing make sure no papers are needed.

– continuous support is always included

Our training management system is quite easy to use but our support team will make sure you will get our assistance if and whenever you need us.

An built-in knowledge base will provide you with basic and advanced guidelines and if that's not enough, our friendly support team are standing by to help whenever you might need.